Did You Know the Benefits of Water Play for Children?

A lot of children enjoy water play, especially outside during the warmer months of the year! There are so many great benefits from water play. Water play helps a child with gross motor skills. During water play, the children may be running through sprinklers or filling buckets up with water and pouring the water out. Water play also helps with academic learning as well. As far as science, the children are able to learn about floating and sinking and seeing that different objects can sink and float. In math, children are able to learn about measuring a certain amount of water into a bucket, more and less by filling one bucket with more water and one bucket with less water. Water play also encourages creativity. The children are able to pretend and use their imagination, while playing with the water. Water play is a lot of fun and has so many wonderful developmental benefits for your child! I found this information as well as more information and more benefits of water play can be found at the following website:


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