Procare Software manages both children and employee check-in/out. Each parent is given a secured code to use to check in/out each day they attend our center. At any point in the day, we have an accurate list of everyone in the building, both children and staff. Door access is granted once the secured code is entered into the full color touch screen in our vestibules. This gives parents peace of mind knowing that the safety and security of their child is our highest priority.

On-Line Wait List (OWL)

In 2012, we added the online wait list function to our software services. Prospective parents can complete the information online at any time and one of our family coordinators will contact you about enrollment.

Tuition Express

Families appreciate the convenience of Tuition Express payment options and the online access to their transaction history. Using Tuition Express demonstrates that we’re customer oriented, technologically savvy and cost conscious. Our billing team likes Tuition Express for its ease, safety and efficiency.

Tuition Express is the industry standard for on-time payments via an automated, fully integrated system. There is no easier, safer or more efficient way of submitting your weekly tuition payment.

Our Child Care Management Solution

Procare Child Care Software is the management tool of choice for more than 25,000 child-centered businesses like ours. Procare has helped hundreds of thousands of early childhood professionals streamline child care management, administration, recordkeeping and automated Payment Processing at day care centers and similar facilities around the globe.