March 2013 is Sing With Your Child Month!

Music Together is a wonderful group of teachers who have put together a program of immersion and cooperation in early musical education. From active dramatic play to musical experience and sing along, their program has educated parents, children, and teachers, about the importance of musical education in young minds. This March, they have announced their 25th anniversary! In doing so they are claiming March 2013 as “Sing with your Child month.” There website has links to wonderful activities and tools to assist you in joining in this wonderful celebration at home. This is a program based out of Princeton, NJ but it is internationally recognized for their wonderful work in this field. I highly recommend you check out their website; for links to fun activities. Turn on the radio in the car and belt out a tune, sing songs at the dinner table, or stop in for one of your children’s music classes at one of our 3 locations, but either way…let’s all celebrate the importance of the voice of the young child and sing along!

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