Articles for Parents

TYC articles on preschool education:

Responding to Your Child’s Bite

Burn Prevention Network  “Safety From Scalds”:

Why Fairy Tales Matter:

Healthy Spring Tips and Activities for Kids:

Keystone STARS:

We are an early learning center that participates in the Keystone STARS program. Please read the attached article to learn more about what to look for in childcare, as well as learn more about what it means for us to be a Keystone STARS facility!

10 Reasons Why You Should Read to Your Kids:

Developing a love of learning starts at home with you!  Cuddling up and reading a book helps your child learn and grow in so many ways!

Junk Food Affects Children’s Learning:

With our busy lives, we tend to search for convenience and price over healthy choices, but is that really what’s best?,to%20focus%20or%20classroom%20participation.