Our Teachers and Staff

Ms. Jocelyn

Assistant Director
Joined LifeSpan in 2011
Ms. Jocelyn joined the LifeSpan team in 2011 with her BS in Business Administration. She also holds a PA Teaching Certification in Elementary Education. Ms. Jocelyn’s favorite hobbies include going to the beach, being in the sun and traveling to historical places. Ms. Jocelyn, what do you love about teaching young children? “I love how cute they are to talk to and I love how everyday is something new. It’s great to see them grow and learn while you work with them.”



Ms. Jennifer

Currently Teaching in our Pre-K Classroom
Joined LifeSpan in 1993Ms. Jennifer
Ms. Jennifer joined the LifeSpan team in 1993 with her BS in Sociology and Masters of Education Reading from East Stroudsburg University. She also earned her CDA from Lehigh County Community College. Ms. Jennifer’s favorite hobbies include photography, hiking, travel and reading! Ms. Jennifer, what do you love about teaching young children? “I love that every day is different and it provides me with new challenges. It is great to watch the children change, grow and develop during the time that they are with us.”


Ms. Adela

Ms. AdelaCurrently Teaching in our Pre-K Classroom
Joined LifeSpan in 2008
Ms. Adela joined the LifeSpan team in 2008 with her AA in Early Childhood Education and AA in Elementary Education. She also has a BA in Art. Ms. Adela’s favorite hobbies include dining out, traveling, arts and crafts, and spending time with family. Ms. Adela, what do you love about teaching young children? “Teaching young children is one of the hardest, but most rewarding areas of education. To encourage a child to develop and watch the dawning realization of the child as they achieve and reach their potential is fantastic.”

Ms. Laurie

Currently Teaching in our Infant Room
Joined LifeSpan in 1999
Ms. Laurie joined the LifeSpan team in 1999 with her BS in Nursing from Misericordia College. Ms. Brittany’s favorite hobbies include reading, Zumba classes, spending time with her 9 year old daughter, Madison, and watching the Dallas Cowboys. Ms. Laurie, what do you love about teaching young children? “Seeing how the children react to new experiences. Also the expressions on their faces are priceless. Seeing how the children grow and mature. I have had many babies in the nursery that are now in Pre-Kindergarten!”



Ms. Lisa

Currently Teaching in our Infant Room
Joined LifeSpan in 2006
Ms. Lisa joined the LifeSpan team in 2006 with her AA in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Lisa’s favorite hobbies include antiquing, scrapbooking, country decorating and drag racing. Ms. Lisa, what do you love about teaching young children? “Watching them grow and develop and make their accomplishments.”




Ms. Valerie

Currently Teaching in our Pre-K 2 Classroom
Joined LifeSpan in 2014Ms. Valerie
Ms. Val has over 11 year experience working with children.  She has her CDA.  Her favorite thing about teaching is watching how much children soak up; their love for learning new things, seeing how creative they can get from when they start in the classroom until they leave to move on to the next classroom.  Val enjoys playing and having fun with her daughter, doing hair, and watching movies and relaxing.




Ms Nikki

Currently teaching in our Toddler 1 ClassroomNikki cp1
Joined LifeSpan in 2015
Ms. Nikki joined the Life Span team in with her AA in Early Childhood Education.  Ms. Nikki’s hobbies includes spending quality time with her husband and her son, traveling, reading books, and drinking coffee.  Ms. Nikki, what do you love about teaching young children?  ” I love watching their excitement when they learn something new.  Being able to see how much they grow, change and learn throughout the year brings joy to my heart.”





Ms. Jennifer L.

Joined LifeSpan: 2018Miss Jennifer
Ms. Jennifer attended Millersville University and received her B.S. in Elementary/Early Childhood Education. Additionally, she attended East Stroudsburg University where she took graduate courses to obtain her Level 2 teaching certificate. A few of the reasons she loves teaching young children include: “their innocence, how I am always learning new things from them and I love seeing that “aha” moment in a child when they understand what I am explaining to them. Some of my favorite hobbies include spending time with family, photography and going to the beach”.!



Ms. Rebecca

Joined LifeSpan: 2018Miss Rebecca
I graduated from Parkland High School and completed child development classes. I’ve enjoyed working in child care centers and being a nanny. I love teaching young children because I get to watch them grow and make an impact on their lives. I also love that every day is different and we get to celebrate different milestones for each child. My hobbies include photography, hiking, and being with my children.





Ms. Amanda

Joined LifeSpan: 2011Miss Amanda
I graduated from Kutztown University with a BS in Psychology: Clinical Counseling in 2005 and a M.Ed in Elementary School Counseling in 2011. My passion is working with children and their families. I have worked with Preschool, school age, and worked for two non-profit organizations as a Student Assistance Program Counselor, Youth Education Program Specialist, Peer Mentor, and a student Assistance Program Liaison. I have supported students in various roles through short term individual therapy services in their schools, S.A.P. support, and by delivering educational prevention programs to youth in classrooms and in small focus groups. In my spare time, I enjoy swimming, playing volleyball, and spending lots of time with family and friends. I absolutely love playing with my daughter, Alyvia, and dog, Simon. We love taking walks, painting, going to the beach, camping and any kind of fun outdoors.


Ms. Catherine

Joined LifeSpan: 2018Miss Cathy
I graduated from BASD and also BAVTS for Nursing Assistant. I worked in home health care but was a full time mom as well. I started working in child care and have been doing it for 18 years. I got my CDA for Early Childhood development at Ellis University online. I love working with children, it makes me happy. I like to get to know my students and their personalities, they make my day. I like to be outdoors and I love to take pictures and scrapbook.





Ms. Michele

Joined LifeSpan in 2019Miss Michele
I have a Bachelors degree in elementary education. I have been in the early childhood field for over 20 years. I love how children learn new things daily. Their minds are like sponges: they love learning. The light bulb goes off with a spark in their eye as they grow and accomplish something new. I love to read books and attend my sons ports games when I am not at work.





Ms. Katelynn

Joined LifeSpan in 2019Miss Katelynn
I am currently attending LCCC for my associates in Early Childhood Education.  I love hearing stories children tell and how they use their imaginations.  My favorite hobbies include cooking, traveling to new places, knitting, and much more.  Also have 3 years of experience working work children.





Ms. Janice 

Year joined: 2019 Miss Janice
I earned a bachelor’s degree from Kutztown University in Elementary Education and Special Ed.  I also earned credits in Early Childhood Education.  I have worked in the field of Early Childhood for 20+ years and I still love seeing the excitement on children’s faces when they’re learning something new, finished a work of art, accomplished making something with blocks or Legos or made a new discovery.  I also love reading books to children, crating the characters with my voice and seeing the anticipation on their faces, give me such a wonderful feeling.  When I’m not working with children, I enjoy baking, reading and walking my dog.


Ms. Hua 

Year Joined:  2019
I studied  at Beijing Institute of Technology for 3 ½ years and earned a college associates degree in Electronic Technology.  I love to teach the young children coloring, painting and making art articles.  My favorite hobbies are reading, watching movies, solving Sudoku puzzles, traveling and shopping.