Our Teachers and Staff

Ms. Jocelyn

Assistant Director
Joined LifeSpan in 2011
Ms. Jocelyn joined the LifeSpan team in 2011 with her BS in Business Administration. She also holds a PA Teaching Certification in Elementary Education. Ms. Jocelyn’s favorite hobbies include going to the beach, being in the sun and traveling to historical places. Ms. Jocelyn, what do you love about teaching young children? “I love how cute they are to talk to and I love how everyday is something new. It’s great to see them grow and learn while you work with them.”


Ms. Erin

Family Coordinator
Joined LifeSpan in 2010Miss Erin
Ms. Erin has her BS in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from Temple University and is working towards her Director Credential from Northampton Community College. She also holds a PA Teaching Certificate. As a child, Ms. Erin loved to stay at her Mom-mom and Pop-pop’s house. Her Mom-mom made THE BEST peanut butter and fluff sandwiches and her Pop-pop was often caught sneaking her out of the house for road trips and to feed the ducks!


Ms. Jennifer

Currently Teaching in our Pre-K Classroom
Joined LifeSpan in 1993Ms. Jennifer
Ms. Jennifer joined the LifeSpan team in 1993 with her BS in Sociology and Masters of Education Reading from East Stroudsburg University. She also earned her CDA from Lehigh County Community College. Ms. Jennifer’s favorite hobbies include photography, hiking, travel and reading! Ms. Jennifer, what do you love about teaching young children? “I love that every day is different and it provides me with new challenges. It is great to watch the children change, grow and develop during the time that they are with us.”


Ms. Adela

Ms. AdelaCurrently Teaching in our Pre-K Classroom
Joined LifeSpan in 2008
Ms. Adela joined the LifeSpan team in 2008 with her AA in Early Childhood Education and AA in Elementary Education. She also has a BA in Art. Ms. Adela’s favorite hobbies include dining out, traveling, arts and crafts, and spending time with family. Ms. Adela, what do you love about teaching young children? “Teaching young children is one of the hardest, but most rewarding areas of education. To encourage a child to develop and watch the dawning realization of the child as they achieve and reach their potential is fantastic.”


Ms. Donna

Ms. DonnaCurrently Teaching in our Preschool Classroom
Joined LifeSpan in 1998
Ms. Donna joined the LifeSpan team in 1998 with her CDA. Ms. Donna’s favorite hobbies include freshwater and saltwater fishing, motorcycle riding, flea markets, gardening, planting flowers and spending time with her animals (3 dogs, 2 rabbits, 1 rooster, 2 hens and 3 chicks). Ms. Donna, what do you love about teaching young children? “I love seeing the difference in the children from when they enter the class to how they grow until the school year is over.”



Ms. Laurie

Currently Teaching in our Infant Room
Joined LifeSpan in 1999
Ms. Laurie joined the LifeSpan team in 1999 with her BS in Nursing from Misericordia College. Ms. Brittany’s favorite hobbies include reading, Zumba classes, spending time with her 9 year old daughter, Madison, and watching the Dallas Cowboys. Ms. Laurie, what do you love about teaching young children? “Seeing how the children react to new experiences. Also the expressions on their faces are priceless. Seeing how the children grow and mature. I have had many babies in the nursery that are now in Pre-Kindergarten!”


Ms. Lisa

Currently Teaching in our Infant Room
Joined LifeSpan in 2006
Ms. Lisa joined the LifeSpan team in 2006 with her AA in Early Childhood Education. Ms. Lisa’s favorite hobbies include antiquing, scrapbooking, country decorating and drag racing. Ms. Lisa, what do you love about teaching young children? “Watching them grow and develop and make their accomplishments.”



Ms. Athena

Currently Teaching in our Infant Room
Joined LifeSpan in 2013athena
Ms. Athena has worked with children since the age of 17. Ms. Athena’s high school had a daycare for mothers with children and because she loves child so much, took a course in Early Childhood.  Ms. Athena has obtained her CDA and hopes to further her education. Ms. Athena says it is a blessing to watch children  growing and learning to be successful men and women.




Ms. Tianna

Currently Teaching in our Preschool 1 Classroom  Ms. Tiana
Joined LifeSpan in 2013
Ms. Tianna  obtained an Associates in Early Childhood Education from Lehigh Carbon Community College. She loves how innocent and honest children are and how they are easily excited and always ready to learn.  Her hobbies are playing volleyball and crafts.  She injoys spending time with family and friends.



Ms. Ashley

Currently Teaching in our School Age Ashley CP 2Classroom
Joined LifeSpan in 2013
Ms. Ashley  holds an Associates Applied Science-Criminal Justice. She loves watching children learn and grow.  Her hobbies are cars, shopping, reading and listening to music and playing with her daughter Shayla.



Ms. Valerie

Currently Teaching in our Pre-K 2 Classroom
Joined LifeSpan in 2014Ms. Valerie
Ms. Val has over 11 year experience working with children.  She has her CDA.  Her favorite thing about teaching is watching how much children soak up; their love for learning new things, seeing how creative they can get from when they start in the classroom until they leave to move on to the next classroom.  Val enjoys playing and having fun with her daughter, doing hair, and watching movies and relaxing.


Mr. Nick

Currently Teaching in our Pre-K2 Classroom
Nick ColumboJoined LifeSpan in 2012
Mr. Nick brings to LifeSpan a BA in Early Childhood Education from De sa les University. Mr. Nick’s favorite hobbies include watching football, watching baseball (especially the San Francisco Giants) and playing golf.  Mr. Nick, what do you love about teaching young children?  “I love a lot about teaching young children.  My favorite things would be their sense of humor and how rapidly they grow and develop. It also amazes me how much information they can absorb.”



Ms. Brittany

Currently Teaching in Summer Camp; also a Program Floater
Joined LifeSpan in 2015
Ms Brittany started working at LifeSpan in November 2015. She graduated from Bloomsburg University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. She loves to see the children learn and grow every day. When not with the children, she enjoys reading, going to the gym and spending time with her friends.




Ms Nikki

Currently teaching in our Toddler 1 ClassroomNikki cp1
Joined LifeSpan in 2015
Ms. Nikki joined the Life Span team in with her AA in Early Childhood Education.  Ms. Nikki’s hobbies includes spending quality time with her husband and her son, traveling, reading books, and drinking coffee.  Ms. Nikki, what do you love about teaching young children?  ” I love watching their excitement when they learn something new.  Being able to see how much they grow, change and learn throughout the year brings joy to my heart.”



Ms Taylor

Currently a Program Floatermstaylor
Joined LifeSpan in 2016
Ms Taylor is currently studying Social Work and Criminal Justice. Ms Taylor’s hobbies include going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and spending time with her family. Ms Taylor enjoys working with children of all ages. She loves building friendships with them and watching them grow each day as great individuals.




Ms. Kelly

Currently Teaching in our Toddler 1 classroom
Joined LifeSpan in 2016
Ms. Kelly joined the LifeSpan team  with a teaching assistant certificate.  She is currently working on obtaining her CDA and RN license.  She loves to see the spark in a child’s eye when they learn something new, and it is rewarding to her to help them learn.  Her hobbies are arts and crafts, researching, shopping , and singing.  One of her favorite childhood memories is going to the beach with her mom and uncles and aunts.


Ms. Kaitlin

Currently Teaching in our Toddler 2 classroom
Joined LifeSpan in 2016
Ms. Katlin is current in school working towards her CDA and Social Work degree.  She loves watching children’s little minds grow and develop.  It is a great feeling when she sees kids accomplish anything (big or small) and see their excitement, knowing  you played a part in the excitement.  She enjoys reading,  going to the gym, and playing, watching, or attending baseball games.  A fond memory of her childhood is going to Disney world and meeting Tigger at the age of eight–a dream come true. She was fascinated with the Fox and Hound series.


Ms. Jennifer

Currently Teaching in our Toddler 2 classroom
Joined LifeSpan in 2017
Ms. Jennifer graduated from Cedar Crest College and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Science with a minor in Psychology.  She also had an internship at Sunshine Center preschool.  She loves seeing how fast children learn and pick up on concepts so easily.  She loves to work with children, watching them amuse themselves with the simplest things.  She enjoys spending time with her family and taking walks and just hanging out and playing together.  Her favorite memory is visiting her cousins at their lake house and she will continue this tradition with her own kids.


Ms. Erika

Currently Teaching as a Floater
Joined LifeSpan in 2017
Ms. Erika is going to LCCC for her Associates Degree and will be attending DeSales University for her MBA.  What she enjoys about teaching is encouraging and inspiring  children to become someone who can change the world.  Her favorite hobbies are hanging out with her friends and attending school, playing softball, skiing, snowboarding, and taking walks on the Weiss Port Canal.  Her favorite childhood memory is going to Disney World with her family.