**New Spanish Curriculum

Learning a foreign language is a very important part of childhood development. It allows a child to learn about different cultures, reinforces vocalization and ultimately gives them a chance to speak a different language.

Using the Trampoline Curriculum: A Spanish Program for Young Minds, we will be exposing children to the language and cultures of others. This can prove to be extremely beneficial and can result in enhanced academic achievement in reading, math and social studies.

Each learning program comes with:

  • Ten theme-based teaching guides      with years’ worth of games, songs and activities
  • A Spanish Vocabulary Bonus Pack      that includes additional theme based vocabulary lists
  • The Trampoline Spanish      Vocabulary, Songs and Rhymes CD
  • A Magic Bag for easy vocabulary      review

Using our Trampoline Spanish Curriculum, the children will be exploring 10 different units or “pasos.” These units will help build their Spanish knowledge and comprehension.  The “pasos” used are:

Paso I: Saludos y Despedidas – Greetings and Farewells
Paso II: Numeros – Numbers
Paso III: Colores – Colors
Paso IV: En La Escuela – In the School
Paso V: Mi Familia – My Family
Paso VI: La Comida – Food
Paso VII: Mi Cuerpo – My Body
Paso VIII: La Ropa – Clothing
Paso IX: El Tiempo – Weather
Paso X: Animales – Animals

Each one of these units will take us approximately a month to complete, and will allow us to provide a properly paced lesson for each appropriate age group.

Parents here is a Link to Trampoline Curriculum: http://www.trampolinelearning.com/explorer-spanish-preschool-curriculum-program.html