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Kindness, care, respect, and love…

Hi Robyn,

I just wanted to let you and the LifeSpan camp staff know that they have been doing an excellent job.  We are greeted with smiles in the morning and afternoon, and my son Jackson is always happy to attend camp.  He loves kickball and going to the pool best, but gets super excited on field trip days too!  I am so thankful for LifeSpan summer camp.  I especially love knowing that the LifeSpan principles instilled in my son from when he first attended daycare are still being applied at camp.  Kindness, care, respect, and love are a few that I frequently see displayed.  I know that Jackson is safe too, which is most important to me.  Overall, I would recommend LifeSpan summer camp to anyone!

Thank you, Angela V

Thank you Ms. Cris!

My name is Stephanie, and my son, Christopher attends the before school care program at Quakertown Elementary.  Christopher has been attending this program for a couple of years now, and it has always made my job of going to work a bit easier, knowing he is in good hands.  This year especially, I have seen the care and commitment of your staff excel.

Christopher has told me of conversations he has had with Ms. Monserrat, Ms. Krause, and Ms. Cris.  How they ask about the kids hobbies, sports and family.  They are truly interested in what all the kids are doing and what they have to share.  Recently I have seen this dedication in particular with Ms. Cris, outside of the school setting.

One Saturday morning, I was standing in a field watching the boys warm up for their baseball game.  I was approached by Ms. Cris and we started chatting.  I asked her who she was here to support, and she named my son and another boy from the morning program named Freddie.  That blew me away.  Here was a young woman, on a Saturday morning out cheering at a sports event for boys that were not related to her.  Not many of us can say we would do the same.  That impressed me greatly, and the boys were smiling when they realized she was there to support them!! (I think it may have even made them play better J)

At another game, there she was again.  We talked about family, life issues, and her future plans.  It was a great day watching the boys, and getting to know her on a personal level.

We are all so busy in our day to day lives that for her to take this time from her weekend, to demonstrate her support of 2 young boys, will stick with them and me for a long time.  Stephanie C

My Valentine to LifeSpan Afterschool Program…

February 14 is the day we tell the people we love all the ways they make our lives better.

My name is Michele Bright and this year, my Valentine is to a program that makes all the difference for me and for my family. It also makes life better for countless other parents, grandparents and kids in Quakertown. I’m talking about the LifeSpan Afterschool Program.

I love the LifeSpan Afterschool Program because the staff there truly cares about my son and the other kids in the program. It shows in the way they help kids with their homework and then keep them busy and active with different games and activities. They are truly dedicated to seeing our children grow and thrive.

I love it because it is giving my son the chance to do things he otherwise would not be exposed to, like learning to play and get along with all age groups, not just his own.

I love it because it’s given my son help with homework and more confidence in school.

I love it because it’s connected my son with mentors who guide him in teaching him to make good choices and be respectful to others.

I love it because my son loves it! He truly enjoys his time at the program. It has given him the opportunity to meet new kids and some have become his very best friends. He looks forward to the activities that the staff have planned for them each day and interacting with the other kids. Each evening when I pick him up, he always has great stories of the fun he had at the LifeSpan Afterschool program.

It’s experiences like this that have made my son truly love the LifeSpan Afterschool Program. And seeing him excited about his time there makes me love it, too.

It’s hard to be a working parent. You worry about your kids all day long and some of us worry most during the hours between the final school bell and the time we get home from work. Afterschool programs keep our children safe and busy during those hours. Hours that studies show can be some of the most dangerous for our children – when they can get into trouble or get hurt.

I know I’m not alone in my affection for the staff at the LifeSpan Afterschool Program. There are parents all over the country just like me, who love their kids’ afterschool programs. And kids like mine, who love that program, too.

So, today, as we take the time to share our love with the people in our lives who matter most, I’m happy to share my appreciation for the LifeSpan Afterschool Program which is making a huge difference for my family by allowing me to work, keeping my kids safe, and inspiring them to learn.   Michele B

I can’t say enough positive things…

I can’t say enough positive things about the Quakertown site. Our daughter started in infants and has now almost graduated from walkers. We will be moving soon and we are having a difficult time finding a new daycare that measures up to LifeSpan. The people there are wonderful with the children, the meals they serve are excellent and the communication with families is top notch. We always felt like our child was in good hands here.  Amy M

The workers at Lifespan are so caring and supportive!

They are understanding of the struggles single parents face and they have been so supportive of my 2 children and I. They have wonderful before and after school activities and they provide the care on site at the elementary schools. It couldn’t be more convenient for a busy mom! We love you guys!  Tami R

Lifespan has taken excellent care with both my children!

My 9 year old attended Quakertown right up until kindergarten. ..it really gave him a head start for school readiness and socially. My 4 year old has been at the East Greenville fac…ility for two years and loves it. It is fun for him as well as learning everything he needs for school. The staff and teachers are caring and thoughtful…I couldn’t be happier with our experience. ….it’s always hard to leave your kids and have to work…trust is everything. ..you can rest assured your kids are well taken care of..interacted with ..snuggled…cuddled..and educated here.See more Adele

My son goes to the one on Cedar Crest and Walbert Ave Allentown PA!

They are wonderful I just wish there would be one in Center Valley Coopersburg it would be nice to have more centers available like this one is . Kristin

Subject: I’m glad my children are attending!


Thank you very much for your concern and addressing this situation immediately. Matthew seems to be fine, and he is willing to talk to me about it so I think he is OK. Hope said she saw some of it and that he did let Sam know right away, and she took care of it right away. I’m right there with you being grateful for Sam. I feel she is very consistent and constantly growing and improving so she can do her job to the best of her ability and that is very admirable. I appreciate how on top of things you guys are and I know you do your best. I’m excited to see that Matthew is making better choices about how to handle conflicts. Thank you for being consistent and for addressing the situation as this will be very helpful for me to explain/point out that when he listens to his teachers and does what he is told that he will be backed up – and help him to trust authorities he is under. I also explained to him that I do expect him to work on not grabbing things from other kids – although not excusing the other child’s actions – so I think it has been a good learning experience. Thank you for your concern & communication.

Thank you! I’m glad my children are attending a care facility that is so on top of things 🙂 they absolutely LOVE the special visitors you bring in – both my kids loved the choreographer you brought in the last month, and they were super excited about the robot building last year. I really appreciate you guys! Tami

 Subject: The cuties diaper/wipes service is huge!

What a wonderful thing to provide at Lifespan!  Thank you to all involved!

I recently switched to cuties diapers because I found them more cost effective than pampers.  I order them through www.myfriendlyneighbor.com   I’m sure you have a specific way to obtain them in bulk, but I wanted to share the website in case mail order would work for LifeSpan.  They deliver to your doorstep in about 2 days.  Just an FYI….Angela

Subject: I just wanted to say thank you for the Robotic Legos!

Good morning!

While I was thinking about it, I just wanted to say thank you to the two of you (or whoever set it up) for the Robotic Legos experience.

I forgot it was happening on Wednesday so I came to pick up Julia at the same time I usually do. I was able to observe the fun time the kids had. The team in charge of the whole thing was great. They spoke to the kids in a way that made them think without giving them the answers.

I could see the sense of accomplishment in Julia’s face when the birds began moving and chirping as they had programmed them to do. Not only did I feel it gave her something interesting to do for an hour but when we spoke of it afterward, she told me she never knew she could do that!

So, thank you for introducing such an interesting experience to Julia and her classmates. Heidi

I was impressed from the first time I toured the facility

My kids (son, 5 years old; daughter 16 months) have been at LifeSpan for a little over a year now, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to say that! I was impressed from the first time I toured the facility with Mayra Cruz, not only with the environment, but with the staff as well. While on the tour, a few of the teachers came up to me to show me some of the activities the children do during the day. That showed me that they really care about what they do, which means everything when what they do is care for my kids!

My kids love it, too. There’s something great about when I drop my son off in Miss Lisa’s classroom, and he gives me a hug and a smile, and says “Bye, Mom!” before he runs off to join his friends. He loves it! Nice to know that my son is enjoying himself while LEARNING!! And how amazed was I to see that my 16 month old daughter knows some sign language?? I love showing that skill off to everyone! She is all smiles when I drop her off in the Walker I room with Miss Kate. The teachers there really get to know the kids, which really makes me happy.

And while the little everyday things they do at LifeSpan are wonderful, I LOVE that they really have fun with the holidays, too! My son was SOOOO EXCITED when it came time for the Halloween party! Seeing all the kids dressed up in their costumes was great!

The fact is, I would (and do!) proudly recommend LifeSpan Childcare to anyone. There is no substitute to knowing that my children are happy and well-cared for while I am at work! Christine

It has been a great experience as a parent to watch my child grow

I’m writing this in regards to LifeSpan. I don’t consider LifeSpan a day care because it is a great place for children to build work ethic skills and social skills that they can utilize in their personal, as well as school lives. The staff members at LifeSpan are key members of a team that allow the children to grow and develop in many different ways. At Quakertown Elementary School, Miss Jenna and Miss Alexa keep the children engaged and intrigued with science experiments and various other group projects. These projects are an extension of what the children learn during the school day and provide extra opportunities for the students to develop well defined academic skills. Overall, it has been a great experience as a parent to watch my child grow in such an organization. Howard

The staff is always friendly and courteous

My son just LOVES going to LifeSpan before school care! Despite the fact that he didn’t really have to go this year, he wanted to go anyway and he is always rushing me out the door every morning because he can’t wait to get there. The staff is always friendly and courteous and does a great job of keeping me informed as to what is going on with my son on an individual basis and as part of the group. I would highly recommend LifeSpan to any parent. Amy

The program provides a safe and structured environment

Please accept this brief note as a letter of recognition of the LifeSpan pre-school, after school and holiday care programs staff. It has been my experience over the last three and one half years, the program provides a safe and structured environment in which I feel confident with the care of my child. I find the staff caring and attentive and always willing to listen to me. Edward

I couldn’t ask for a better program

My children both go to LifeSpan’s before and after school program at Trumbauersville Elementary. Mandy and Derrik do a great job with the children. They plan activities to keep the kids busy that are both fun and educational. My daughter is very shy and gets very nervous in new places. Miss Mandy was able to make her feel comfortable and I never have to worry about her not enjoying herself. My son has so many allergies that I always worry about leaving him in anyone’s care. I never had anything to worry about at T-ville. The teachers are aware of his allergies and always find ways to include him whenever they snack. It seems like small things that the staff does, but for me it is huge. My children love attending the program and actually ask to go. I couldn’t ask for a better program.

My family couldn’t be happier with our experience

LifeSpan has been a great daycare facility for my children. Jenna gets excited on the days she gets to go to her big girl school. She looks forward to playing with her friends, reading with her teacher, coloring and eating her snack. Everyday when I pick her up she is excited to talk about her day and all of the fun things she has done. I am always impressed with how much she learns and the fun specials she has like Spanish, music, and computer tots.

Isaac is equally excited as he beams and reaches out for the wonderful ladies who care for him when we arrive in the morning. In the afternoons when I pick him up, he is always busy playing with some of the great toys available or a smiling teacher. It is a great feeling knowing that my kids are being cared for in such a great facility but most importantly by such wonderful, thoughtful and dedicated teachers who enjoy working with the kids. My family couldn’t be happier with our experience. Thanks. Kip

It gives me comfort to know that my child is being cared for well

The following is a testimonial regarding LifeSpan’s before and after school program. Ashley is my second child that has been enrolled in the program. The program offers a variety of activities for the children. In addition, the children get some form of exercise regularly. Time is made to do homework in a quiet setting. We are very pleased with what LifeSpan’s program has to offer.

What LifeSpan’s program offers most is a safe environment in which children learn to interact with others, be respectful to teachers and peers, and to grow and mature. The largest testimonial to the program is that my daughter does not always want me to pick her up early so that she can stay and have fun! As a parent, it gives me comfort to know that my child is being cared for well. Michelle

My boys have grown in many different ways because of their time at LifeSpan

Both my sons, Connor (4) and Justin (2), started going to LifeSpan when they were only a few months old. Through first steps, first words, potty training, ABCs, and 123s the teachers at LifeSpan have shared each success with us. The commitment of the teachers can be seen in the weekly curriculum ideas, the party planning and the conversations they have with parents each day and at each phase of their development. I know that both my boys have grown in many different ways because of their time at LifeSpan. Jaime