Suggested Picture Books

“So please, oh PLEASE, we beg, we pray, Go throw your TV set away, And in its place you can install, A lovely bookshelf on the wall.” – Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Suggested Picture Books :


ABC in Montreal by Robin Segal

ABC In Montreal

An alphabet book for kids, both city residents and visitors, this guide to the urban landscape offers clear photographs full of detail and simple captions that help build children’s vocabulary in a fun, contemporary way. This bilingual book—in English and French—takes a tour of objects large and small, common to cities and unique to Montreal.






 I Love Saskatchewan by Kelly-Anne Riess

I love Saskatchewan

With vibrant illustrations and a gentle, simple rhyming scheme, I Love Saskatchewan takes children on a whirlwind tour of the Province, building pride in place and encouraging discovery. From outdoor adventures on Lac La Rouge, enjoying a skate on a local pond during the winter, visiting Scotty the T.Rex in Eastend or the Mounties in Regina, this is the book that absolutely every Saskatchewan household with children must have. From the Crooked Trees of Alticane, Mac the Moose in Moose Jaw, the Saskatoon Pelicans and the famous Hoop Dancers, I Love Saskatchewan makes the province come alive.




Ocean’s Child by Trish Holland

Ocean's Child

A stunning new picture book, illustrated by a Caldecott medalist! 2009 Parents’ Choice Approved winner

As a mother and child canoe along the Alaskan Beaufort seacoast, they observe a baby walrus held close to its mother’s spotted chest, sea lions snuggling, and the Northern Lights shimmering above. David Diaz’s powerful, lush illustrations bring to life the majesty of the ocean and skies—and the vulnerability of the ocean’s biggest and smallest inhabitants, from the orca to the puffin. The book ends with the human mother and her sleeping child gliding home for the night. “Good night, Mother Ocean, good night.”




Our California by Pam Munoz Ryan

Our California

Award-winning author Pam Muñoz Ryan celebrates the wonders of her home state. Jaunty poems introduce California’s major cities and regions.







Curious George Wonders: Fun with Stickers and Stamps by United States Postal Service, H.A. Rey

Curious George Wonders

Curious George welcomes kids to the world’s greatest hobby — stamp collecting! Exciting people, famous landmarks, outer space and historic moments are all made interesting and accessible to kids through collecting. A pastime that lasts through time, collecting is a hobby suited to all ages.

In Curious George Wonders, the 2006 Wonders of America postage stamps play host to Curious George as he travels to some of the exciting places in the series. Join our friend as he meets America’s biggest mammal, treks the longest hiking trail and runs from the largest reptile!




 The Sea Chest by Toni Buzzeo

The Sea Chest

As they wait for the arrival of a new baby, Maita tells her great-grandniece the story of her remarkable childhood. Living sheltered on a lighthouse island with only her parents for company, Maita always longed for a sibling-longed not to be the only child the ragged island knew. And then one icy night, howling winds blew wave after wave against the shore, and from that fearsome storm came a sea chest-a gift that would change Maita’s life forever.

From a beguiling Maine legend, newcomer Toni Buzzeo has fashioned this exquisitely lyrical, intimate tale, illustrated in vibrant oil paintings by Mary GrandPre. Together they have created a book of classic beauty and resonance.

 A young girl listens as her great-aunt, a lighthouse keeper’s daughter, tells of her childhood living on a Maine island, and of the infant that washed ashore after a storm.


National Geographic Kids United States Atlas by National Geographic

United States Atlas

The award-winning National Geographic Kids United States Atlas features lively maps, and graphics; updated essays and statistics; 8 thematic map spreads, on topics such as immigration, natural hazards, the water crisis, and the “greening” of America; same-size physical and political maps for each region for easy comparison; vibrant photo essays on each region and state; more than 350 full-color illustrations; 80-plus pages of National Geographic maps; 50-plus info graphics; updated state fact boxes; geo-whiz facts; state flags, birds, and flowers; comprehensive place-name index with coordinates for easy reference; and glossary of geographic terms.