PBIS Website Blurb

Dear Families,

We’re buzzing with excitement to share with you our new school-wide initiative- PBIS! You may have noticed bee hives, bee posters or even received a bee certificate for “bee-ing caught” demonstrating one of our 4 school-wide rules for LifeSpan: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Cooperative, and Be Respectful.

What is PBIS?
Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports is a systematic approach that helps schools maximize academic success and promotes social, emotional and behavioral competence. PBIS will be implemented in our school to help all children to achieve their goals both academically, socially and emotionally by learning self-regulation and social awareness.

Our schools will follow 4 initiatives or rules that can be taught through multiple learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom and they are:

  1. Be Safe
  2. Be Cooperative
  3. Be Respectful
  4. Be Responsible

PBIS provides many resources and strategies for both teachers and parents to teach and support children’s social and emotional development. Teachers will help children learn what it means to be safe, responsible, respectful and cooperative throughout their daily interactions with peers, adults, and the class environment. What does it mean to be respectful in the library? How can I be responsible at meal times? What does cooperation in the art area look like? How can we be safe on the playground?  Teachers will also help children understand, label, and manage their emotions through a variety of techniques such as through social stories, visual aids for emotions and feelings, and create reward systems to encourage positive behaviors. Through careful classroom observations and behavior tracking systems, teachers and parents can better identify the areas of need to reduce the negative behaviors. Family involvement is an integral part of PBIS and one of the best ways for parents to support our school rules is to model them with the children, use the language as the teachers would in the classroom; “I like how responsible you were hanging up your coat”, or “you made a safe choice keeping your feet on the floor”.  Teachers will have the materials for the classroom or for parents to help support any challenging behaviors across the ages and stages such as biting, hitting, separation anxiety, aggression, etc. Teachers will be helping children learn to identify feelings and emotions, learn ways to self soothe/regulate their emotions, and have designated areas for children to calm down and work through their feelings.

“Bee” on the lookout for exciting PBIS news, articles and resources available for families to help support challenging behaviors both inside the school and at home J


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