Employee Testimonials

Hear what our employees say about working at LifeSpan!

I always remembered the program to be a fun and nurturing place to go…

Mandy and MandyI have been a part of the LifeSpan family since I was about 6 years old.  I attended the program as a child and I am currently working here for a little over 8 years. I always remembered the program to be a fun and nurturing place to go.  There were always lots of fun games and activities to do.  Being bored was never an option!  When I started the program as a child my mother, Mary Grey, also worked at LifeSpan, she was not only my teacher but was a mentor and role model for all of the children and myself. She had worked with the company over 14 years.  It was watching her and her interactions with the children that made me want to be a teacher as well. There was always plenty enough love and hugs to go around, and no child was ever left without a smile on their face.  I saw the joy and excitement my mother brought to the children and parents around her and that’s what made me want to work with the LifeSpan family one day.

The best part of currently working here is getting a chance to provide a caring, nurturing and safe environment that I once received and feeling of giving back to the children that now attend.  Seeing the children walk into the classroom with bright smiles on their face and willing to learn is the best part of my day, not to mention being out and about in our town and hearing “Ms. Mandy” or “Ms. MaryAnn” being yelled down the aisles of stores we are at.  Even after all the years the children still insist on calling my mother Ms. MaryAnn, she often has tears of joy after receiving a hug and still being acknowledged knowing that she made an impact on their life.  I think that is the most heartfelt and important thing knowing that you have made a difference in a child’s life, and have created a memory for them that they will never forget!  –Miranda G

Lifespan allowed me to grow into the individual that I am today…

Erin MikolaiI started Lifespan when I was 3 years old and moved into the before and after school programs throughout elementary school at Trumbauersville Elementary. Each year I also attended summer camp. My parents enrolled me in the program to introduce me to a new environment where I would socialize with other kids and gain a sense of “neighborhood,” which many kids couldn’t experience by staying home alone. Some of my favorite memories as a kid were going to summer camp and taking field trips to the pool, zoo, bowling, water park, and other places with all my friends. I was able to make really good friends throughout the many years I attended the program, and I looked forward to participating in the crafts and sports each day I was there.  I started working at Lifespan 2 years ago because I was really interested in working with kids and was already familiar with the type of program that Lifespan offers.  Lifespan allowed me to grow into the individual that I am today and establish long term friendships from the program, so I was really looking forward to giving back to Lifespan and sharing my experience with the kids. —Erin M

LifeSpan offers a supportive environment

LifeSpan offers a supportive environment to both its teachers and children. The dedicated and energetic teachers provide a wonderful opportunity for children to grow and learn. —Joe

The children are always #1 in the organization

The children are always #1 in the organization. I enjoy the fact that I learn something new every day. I enjoy working and playing with the children. I enjoy the staff I also work with. —Dawn