November is Early Childhood Mental Health Awareness Month!

The term “mental health” for young children can seem questionable to some, as it is associated closely to mental illness. However, the two are quite different from one another as mental illness refers to a problem (illness) and mental health focuses on something positive (health). When referring to early childhood mental health we are focusing our attention to the positive results of early intervention for children who are experiencing challenges socially and emotionally so that they can be successful learners in the future before problems become more serious. Healthy social and emotional development for children includes learning to express and regulate their emotions, forming close and secure relationships and learning to explore their environment.  We would like to raise awareness of the importance of Early Childhood Mental Health this month by providing resources and articles relating to the topic. Each week we will send home an article for parents and also include helpful websites as resources for your family.

Below is the first article that we will be sharing with parents that simply explains what mental health is for young children and lists tips on healthy social and emotional development.

What is Early Childhood Mental Health?

We are always here as your first resource. Please do not hesitate to share with us any questions or concerns about your child’s social and emotional development. We will be happy to help answer those questions and provide you with the services needed for your child and family.

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