22 Fire Safety Tips for Christmas

Nobody wishes for a house fire for Christmas, but it is easy to let the spirit of the season distract us from fire safety practices. Now is the time to brush up on the small things that can keep our families safe during the holidays.

If you have children, or expect children to visit for the holidays, get down at toddler level and you may be surprised at the hidden hazards in your home. A little time and attention at the outset can save a world of regret later.

22 Fire Safety Tips for Christmas

Your Christmas Tree

1. If you desire a real Christmas tree, choose a fresh one and don’t let it dry out — check the water level every day.

2. Do not hang on to your tree after it becomes dry and needles begin to fall out, this is considered kindle….

3. If you have an artificial tree, please ensure it is flame retardant.

4. Place your Christmas tree away from heat sources, including fireplaces, heating vents, and candles.

Electric Lights

5. If you use electric lights, please make sure they are tested for safety and note whether they are for indoor or outdoor use.

6. Inspect lights before you use them. Please do not use electrical decorations that have “frayed” wiring. (this can be created by wiring that is exposed to doorway and/or window open/close passageways )

7. Do not use electrical wires where they can become a tripping hazard.

8. Do not overload your electrical system.

9. Turn off all electrical decorations when you leave your home and/or go to bed at night.


10. Do not use lighted candles on or near the Christmas tree or other flammable materials.

11. Place candles where they are less likely to be knocked over.

12. Keep candles, matches, and lighters out of reach of children.


13. Hang your stockings by the chimney with care: do not let them hang too close to a working fireplace.

14. Do not burn evergreens or commercial gift wrapping in the fireplace — they can spark out of control.

15. Use a fireplace screen and make sure to check the flue.

16. Do not wear loose or flowing clothing when you are stoking the fire.


17. Do not wear loose or flowing clothing when you are tending the stove.

18. When cooking, do not let the festivities distract you — never leave cooking unattended.

19. Use extreme caution with outdoor deep fryers typically used for turkey. Make sure it is not located too close to the house and follow manufacture instructions. Never leave a deep fryer unattended, even for a minute. You cannot use water on a grease fire, so make sure you have an all purpose fire extinguisher (class K) closes by.

Make a Fire Safety Plan

20. Make sure your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are in working condition and backup batteries are available.

21. Have at least one fire extinguisher on each level of your home.

22. Make and practice a fire evacuation plan with you family.

Proper Fire Extinguisher Application:

Pull, Aim, Squeeze & Sweep (PASS)

Holiday Safety

Know the Fire Extinguisher you have

Have a safe and happy holiday season

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