Organized sports can help children develop in a variety of ways

Organized sports can help children develop in a variety of ways. Sports provide children an opportunity to learn physical skills (Fine and Gross Motor) and develop the social aspects of being part of a “team.” Sports do not just work the body but also increases cognitive development in children when they are actively engaged in physical activity. Not only do sports provide fun opportunities for children it also promotes a healthy regiment of regular exercise.

There are a great deal of sports programs designed for young children but it is not until about age 6 that most children develop appropriate skill sets and attention span necessary to follow directions and understand the aspects of the game.

This does not mean children cannot engage in sports before the age of 6. Sports can be enjoyable for children from the ages of 3-5 but this experience should be more about fun and learning the basic fundamentals of the game.

If you do decide to sign your child for sports please make sure the league emphasizes the aspects of sportsmanship, safety and fun.  If a child is having a great time playing the sport he/she will have success and want to continue.  When harsh competitive rules are introduced at a young age the fun is removed and children lose interest fast.  This is why at such a young age the most important fundamental of the introduction of sports is FUN!

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