Ways to Help the Environment Throughout the Year

Earth Day was on Monday, April 22nd and it is a day to support protecting our environment. On this day, there are many events that take place worldwide. It is so important to remember that not only on Earth day, but throughout the whole year that there are great things for you and your child to do in order to help our planet Earth. The children can learn about and help with the three R’s-  reduce, reuse, and recycle. Another fun activity to do with your child is plant flowers, trees, and start a vegetable garden. If you would be traveling somewhere close, then walking, running, or riding a bike with your child will help the environment. Spending time picking up litter that is on the ground or in the ocean will help the environment as well as help protect the animals. It is so important to remember that even just the smallest action can help the environment as well as the animals living in the environment. The website below has fun games for kids from Earth Day.


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