Helping Your Child With Letter Recognition

How should I help my child with letter recognition and why is it important?

Letter recognition is great to work on with your child. The children work on letter recognition, sounding letters out, and writing their letters in the appropriate age classrooms here at LifeSpan. Working on letter recognition will help your child with spelling his/her name, saying his/her ABC’s, writing, and reading. There are so many different ways to work on this with your child. The story Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom is a wonderful and fun story to help children learn and recognize their letters. Teaching the children how to write the different letters is also very helpful. For example: the lower case letter d. One way to teach a child the lower case letter d would be to start with the letter c and then draw a line down to write the letter d. Magnetic letters are also very helpful for children to work with and eventually they will start creating words with the magnets. This time and practice will all help your child with learning to read and write!

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