A Healthy Future

At LifeSpan, we believe in well planned and well implemented healthy practices and that active play increases children’s awareness and curiosity in a variety of academic knowledge areas, as well as encouraging them to become self-sufficient learners and thinkers as this stimulates not only the body, but the mind.

Through active play, children are able to improve their gross motor and fine motor skills helping to develop healthy and strong children through physical play that includes activities that use physical movements to allow children the use of their stored energy as it gives children the chance to develop gross and fine motor skills, gain knowledge and socialize. Physical play also benefits a child’s health. Understanding the importance of physical play is vital to your child’s development.

75 percent of brain development occurs after birth. A combination of physical play and healthy eating habits help a child to develop connections between the nerve cells and the brain. As these connections develop, a child’s fine and gross motor skills, socialization, personal awareness, language, creativity and problem solving are improved. The ideal physical play incorporates play with social interactions and problem solving.

At LifeSpan, we promote healthy eating habits as they have a direct relation to your child’s growth and development. Healthy eating habits prevent or minimize symptoms of disease. Teaching your child to eat a well-balanced meal will help set the stage for a healthy adult. When your child grows up and starts a family, he or she will tend to replicate the eating habits learned as a child. It is very important for future generations that children learn to eat foods that provide all the daily vitamins and nutrients needed to grow up healthy and strong.

Physical play and healthy eating habits provide various health benefits. Physical activity along with healthy eating habits promote early brain development and learning in infants and young children. It also decreases the risk of developing health conditions like coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, obesity and many other chronic health conditions.

“Healthy Children Create a Healthy Future”

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