LSDC Weekly Themes

Curriculum Themes


Oh, Canada

                      Oh CanadaLet’s go on an adventure!!  This week we will explore the land, people, and animals of Canada!  From Coast to coast, Canada is filled with unexpected wonders to awaken our inner explorers.  We can explore the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, the CN Tower or the roar of the Niagara Falls to fulfill our sense of adventure.  We can camp in the beauty of Algonquin Park or the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks in search of elk, grizzly bears, and bird!  We can cruise the seas for whale watching… Or, we can play hockey or lacrosse and eat yummy maple syrup snacks! Exploration and adventure abound!



Pacific Coast

                     Pacific CoastWe will travel south from Canada to explore the West Coast of the United States!  We will explore the diverse land, people and animals that we may find in each location!  Children may travel from the beautiful wilderness of Alaska, to the lush forests and mountains of Washington.  We can travel the trails in Oregon, the amazingly diverse cities in California, and even ride a wave to Hawaii!  Children may explore and adventure, create and perform, or relax and play during this week bursting with endless ideas!  Teachers will base the lessons on their individual classes’ interests.



The Mid-West

                    LeThe Mid Westt’s explore the wild, wild mid-west!  There are so many states that make up central United States that the possibilities are endless for exploration!  Children may learn about cowboys and Native Americans; farms and ranches and how they may differ from coastal living; discover the various plants and animals of the desert, the north, the plains, or the south.  Or they may explore the field and plains of the mid west.  Children can visit Nashville or Houston and become cowboys or explore Louisiana on a riverboat cruise.  We can listen to country, blue grass, jazz or the blues!  The children’s interests will lead the train this week!


The Atlantic Coast

                The Atlantic CoastFrom the lighthouses in Maine to the mangroves in Florida, the children will explore the Atlantic Coast of the United States!  The LifeSpan faculty will lead children in a week of exploration and discovery to fulfill their interests whether it be lighthouses and beaches, city lights and excitement, or museums and state parks up and down the coast